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So hello. My name Is Thomas. What's your name? *

Hi {{answer_PMPP}}. Are you a.. *

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Your phone number: *

How many children do you have {{answer_PMPP}}? *

I got two. A boy and a girl.

How old are they? *

My son is 4 and my daughter is 7
Tell me something about them and your family * oldest daughter has adorable freckles, my youngest one is crazy for dinosaurs, the twins love to dress up as ballerinas and my husband is an astronaut. My hair is super red and we all love to swim :) Or something like that.
Have you visited Day In Life website? ( ) Is there any specific photo you're drawn to ? *

Did you ever have your family photographed by a professional photographer before? By whom?
Describe your experience. *

Do you have an old box of photos or family photo album of your childhood? *

Do you have a box of photos or family photo album of your children’s childhood? *

If you answered yes to either of the last 2 questions, how do you feel when looking back at the photos? *

How important is that :

You can recognize not only your loved ones’ face, but also his actual personality in a photo. *

Having the possiblity to be reminded of old memories, fuzzy or near forgotten *

Have the ability to someday share with your children or grandchildren visual stories and happenings from their heritage *

Describe one of your favorite memories shared with your family. *

How would it feel to have photos of that, with everyone included (meaning, not one person is
hiding behind the camera) to look at 10-20 years from now? *

Just a few more questions {{answer_PMPP}}. I promise ;)

When you think of having a Family Documentary Photo Session, how do you think it would
feel going through the session? *

What excites you most about the idea of having a Family Photo Session that captures real moments with no fake smiles and no posing? *

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